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We offer the service of DATA RECOVERY from Hard Disk Drives,
providing they are still functioning correctly as a disk drive.
DATA that is considered CRITICAL or VERY IMPORTANT can often be
recovered from them, even if any of the following scenarios have occurred.


    1.    Partition or partitions have been accidentally deleted using FDISK or similar
    2.    Partition or partitions have been re-formatted accidentally
    3.    Drive becomes un-mountable via the operating system software
    4.    MBR's, FAT's and/or MFT's become lost or unreadable through some "glitch"
    5.    Drive has been reformatted to a different file system


   Send the "Faulty HDD" to us and we will recover all the data files that can be recovered correctly.

   We can supply you with the HDD of the size you want or you can provide a "clean" HDD in good working order,
   on which to save the recovered data.
   The "NEW" HDD will be returned in the formats and partitions you specify with all of the data, we were able to recover,
   located in folders within those partitions.
   The "OLD" HDD can be cleaned, thoroughly tested, re-formatted and returned to you in the formats and partitions you
   require OR the drive can be disposed of by us.

   File Systems recoverable from are; FAT16, FAT32, NFTS, HPFS, Ext2FS
   FAT12 can be located and read, but will be saved in a different format ( Just specify format )

   There are NO GUARANTEES we will be able to recover ALL of the data from your HDD, since the amount of data
   recovered depends on what has occurred AFTER the "fault or problem" began, in addition to what actions have
   been taken by you after the problem started to occur.

   Sometimes, some of the existing data can actually be "over-written" by your system as you try to rectify the "fault"
   through normal procedures; therefore some data loss can usually be expected when undertaking data recovery.

   Most data is usually recoverable
IF, all user action is ceased immediately the fault is noticed,
   the system is completely shutdown and the HDD in question is removed for "data recovery treatment".


Alternatively, we can supply you with various forms of software to perform these functions,
however you will need to have a reasonable amount of "PC" Hardware and Software knowledge
to correctly apply the recovery software appropriately.
CALL or EMAIL us for more information and brochures, etc...

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